Virtual Travels, Inc. was formed in late 2008 to recognize the need for a company specializing in Virtual Reality imaging to promote tourism in the New York City and Hudson Valley areas. Our history goes much further back, however.

Mark Fink, the founder of Virtual Travels, Inc., has over thirty years of photographic experience, ranging from architecture, photojournalism, and aviation, to VR photography.

Mark started experimenting with VR photography in 1998, the early days for VR. His background with photography as well as computer consulting made for a perfect match, and as the technology and quality progressed over the years, he kept pace with the latest developments.

In the process, he was one of the founding members of the PanoToolsNG group, a world-wide mailing list of well over a thousand photographers sharing their experiences and knowledge of VR photography. He is a regular contributor to the mailing list as well the wiki, which is a repository of information that new users can use to build their knowledge base. He has also produced several instructional videos on key aspects of VR photography and post-production.

In addition, he designed and had built a custom VR bracket that would work with any lens and camera combination. This was a real necessity, as new cameras and lenses kept coming out ever year. The resulting Pinnacle VR Universal bracket was subsequently made available for other photographers.

Mark is a member of several Chambers of Commerce, including the Dutchess County Regional Chamber, the New Paltz Regional Chamber and the Greater New York Chamber. If you are a member of any of these chambers, be sure to let us know, as we have various special offers for members.

All of this experience is available to you as you look to add VR photography to your site and further promote your business.


Virtual Reality panoramas of the Hudson Valley and New York City.
From seeing the sights to looking for a nightlife destination, Virtual Reality is the next best thing to being there!